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43 West South Street
Carlisle, Pennsylvania


Douglas Law Office has successfully represented plainitiffs in civil matters for more than three decades. We handle cases involving serious personal injury, death, insurance claims, insurance contract disputes.


Douglas Law Office

Douglas Law Office, Carlisle Pennsylvania.  William P. Douglas Esquire


We have a client
centered approach

The attorneys at Douglas Law Office have one objective: To make our clients’ lives easier. We are a full service business law firm dedicated to solving legal problems so that you can focus on you.


Our Short Story

The origin of our practice dates back to 1955 when George F. Douglas Jr. first graduated law school and opened his doors on West High Street in Carlisle Pennsylvania.  In 1983 he was joined by his son William to form Douglas & Douglas. Throughout the years our law firm has evolved. We have moved. Changed partners. New website. Becoming the Douglas Law Office you know us as today.